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The Indian Journalist gave a new dimension to our country or every country, but believing is in it a
faith. When we faith in words and work that becomes a journalism. In Ghaziabad its been done by a
social activist and a journalist by creating a Newspaper, Named as “GHAZIABAD PARIKRAMA”. However
it’s a weekly newspaper but going to be a daily newspaper soon. This newspaper has been launched on
4 th of August, 2016. R P Goyal is a big time social worker and activist who is facilitated by his experience
is Pradeep Verma well known crime and political reporter of Ghaziabad. Who served this city with his
work and effort to remove the crime and make this city clean and sound and still the effort is going on.
R P Goyal and Pradeep Verma with their squad are trying to make city worth living with no fear. Every
political and administrative department being to be scrutinized by gesture of politeness. We know that
there are enough of NGO’s who are working to make their world clean but are they are into cleaning off,
anyways I don’t blame anyone to be good or bad but its our word and wish to make this city free to
breath air non coropullated. . so friends I wish your co operation and love to make my efforts are with
me to enhance the my world which is Ghaziabad and we will be in the list of HOT CITIES with no fear of
being traumatized.


6 TH Mile Stone, Sahibabad Border, Ghaziabad, Utter Pradesh-201006, Ph.- 0120-2610514

Chief Editor
Mobile- 9312966323
Pradeep verma
Mobile- 9910293989